Our company specializing in the production of coal blending equipment Automatic coal blending equipment Mixed coal Type of briquette production line Coal production equipment。

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Coal blending equipmentEnvironmental protection briquette production lineDust removal equipmentPower plant coal conveying system
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LinQu xin's son mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD

LinQu xin's son mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Is a collection of engineering design、Production of the installation、Commissioning services in one of professional manufacturers。Is located in known as“The world is kite”As the weifang linqu county of shandong province,Away from jiqing expressway15Kilometers。 The main products are automatic coal blending equipment、Dual-axis mixer、Biaxial mixed coal、Automatic batching control system、Automatic dispensing equipment;MDPulse bag filter series、Special heat insulating kiln bag filter,(High temperature bag dust collector,Air box pulse bag filter,Boiler bag dust collector)、Special glass fiber bag filter dryer and kiln,PPCAir box pulse bag filter series, etc。 

Products are widely applied to、Metallurgy、Electric power、Coal、Mine、Paper making、Food、Chemical building materials、Cement、Glass, etc、Iron mill、Steel mills、Ferroalloy plant、Refractory plant、Foundry、Power plant, etc。。

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