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Easyjet's focus on innovation network website design services,Create value by thought

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Easyjet network tailored design for the customer,Provide exceed customer expectations of products and services,Work can prove everything

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    Technology is more crossover、More creative freedom!We will use good design、First-class technology、Patience and thoughtful service return customers!Easyjet network is willing to work with you together witness each other to grow!

    Why do you chooseEasyjet's networkWHY CHOOSE yijie?

    Services to customers、Understanding the customer、Continuously provide exceed customer expectations of products and services,Do customers forever partners,This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept

    Specialized in the design Constant innovation
    Surplus)11In the deepening,
    The appearance change,Beginner's mind is to explore the utmost!
    Tailor Exclusive solution
    One-to-one customization industry
    The solution,一站式满足您所有网站需求
    Simple operation Flexible and efficient
    The code concise,Conform to the principle of search engine optimization
    Dedicated customer service After all
    7*24Hours of problems
    Consultation and processing,Answer all your questions

    ExistingA website from easyjet online

    Industry solutions

    E-government network services

    The government website construction
    Government affairs registered weibo operation
    WeChat public platform development
    WeChat managed public platform

    Enterprise network services

    The enterprise website construction
    Enterprise WeChat public platform development
    Electric business platform construction enterprises
    Enterprise network marketing

    School web service solution

    The school website construction
    School WeChat public platform development
    The school information management system development

    Catering hotel service plan

    Hotel website construction
    Hotel WeChat platform development
    Hotel WeChat marketing

    Hospital network services

    Hospital website construction
    Registered weibo operation
    Hospital public platform development
    The hospital managed public platform

    Integrated solutions

    Packaging design
    Marketing planning
    Brand marketing planning
    Easyjet's networkIs introducedintroduce

    Shaanxi ankang easyjet network technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in site construction、WeChat public platform development、The website、Mobile web development、The whole country400The hotline、Internet service enterprise e-commerce platform operation,Easyjet network is western digital core agent,Is the Internet web site for the record in ankang check center,Is China unicom、Telecom country400Business operation by telephone ankang center,Is ankang college professional training base,Ankang municipality is young entrepreneurs association governing units。

    The company's main business includes:WeChat public platform development、The website、Mobile web development、The whole country400The hotline、Enterprise business ringtone、E-commerce platform、Program development、Network marketing software、Virtual host、Website optimization、Website redesign, etc。Currently involves easyjet web service client group co., LTD、The government、Enterprises and institutions、The hospital、Training education、Building materials businesses、Catering hotel、The wedding company、Wedding photography、Decoration company、Investment companies and other industries...

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